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For your privacy, Non-disclosure Agreement applies from the moment you contact us.

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Surprise, we do not list Portfolio! Yes, we protect the products and ideas of our Clients as well as our knowledge in App Development.

Here are the reasons behind Oribi's success so far:
1. High Quality Apps at Cheaper price.
2. Privacy and Trust: We sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.
3. Our Team!
Why conventional Portfolio marketing is not used by Oribi? Software development has become so easily approchable that no one looks at from which shop he/she is buying a product. It is just like buying a bread from a nearby bakery: if you find it at first place you buy it, else you move to the next bakery.
To prove our point, do you know which company has developed Uber, Viber or any of the applications that you use in day to day life ? Do you think it could be us?
Believe us, our developers have worked on the best Mobile Apps existing in the market. And we are very sure that you must have used one of our Apps. Its all "GOT" (Game of Trust not Game of Thrones) ;)
Having said that, we sign a Non-disclosure Agreement with our customers. As per the agreement, from the very first day, when a customer approaches us (Contact Us) with brief about his/her project, we are legally bonded not to share or distribute any information about the project or idea with Anyone (outside Oribi) On, During or After the project.
We are a dedicated Mobile App development company, for us our customer and his/her privacy comes first. 
Team Oribi
On request Oribi charges a fee to list your Portfolio on its website** for a limited time, for promoting/marketing your App. If interested please write to contact@oribi.co.in
**T&C applied: Only and only if Oribi's Marketing & Strategy team approves it. 
**Approval depends on multiple criteria.